Saturday, July 16, 2016

Free again.

People just take freedom for granted. I guess it is good to clarify that I have always been "free". I have been able to do take decisions regarding my life. No one has pointed a gun to my head to make do something, they did point a gun at me once but I ran away, lol, actually it is not funny. What I mean is I have been in charge of my destiny within limits.

Saying that, the last 3 years and a bit of my life I have felt that I haven't been able to do what I was supposed to. The reason that this happened is simple, I decided to go for a visa that restricted me to have a full time job for a specific company. If it was the best decision or not at that time I don't know but it was what I did. Well that is over, I now can do anything that I want.

Speaking of that and seeing what it has been happening in the last weeks. I felt really disappointed that the UK voted to leave the European Union, I live there and in a no long future will want to apply for a citizenship there. The disappointment come because I would like to live and work anywhere on the European union be free to move around even if I don't I would like to have the chance. We sadly it looks that I won't be able to and I bet that others will feel the same. 

Currently emigration is thought in the wrong way. We should be free to go anywhere live everywhere move everyone, within limits, a person should be given the chance if integrate with the society where they want to live to be anywhere. Utopia it is what it is. Whatever it happens, I feel lucky and blessed  of choosing a career and having an education that allowed me to develop tools that I can use to move anywhere, technology doesn't have frontiers. I will still have to go to the of the painful process of paperwork but it can be solved.

I bet that I will keep struggling because we don't know what the future will take us. I will have to move again at some point, my home is earth but if we could leave it I would, frontiers are invisible and built by some.

The important thing is that where I am at the moment I am free! And it feels amazing.

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