Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why to become a Software Developer?

Nowadays Software is everywhere. You can find it in your car, your TV, lights and watch are becoming "Smart". Your phone that is something that you use everyday is full of apps.
Software is not just for the few anymore, everyone has the tools in their hands to start doing some software and become a Software Developer.
I am going to list some of the benefits of becoming a Software Developer. I might be able to convince you.
The average salary of a Software Developer is high.
This is an interesting one and a big motivation to become a developer. You can easily get paid in an entry level the same salary as someone with 10 years of experience in other fields. Let me tell you something if I were you I would just stop reading this and start reading about coding.
There is always work
As a Software Developer you can find a job really easy. There are lots of jobs out there. I always struggle to find good people for my projects. And when I had to find a job doing development I always found myself with 3 or more opportunities to choose from.
You can get a job anywhere
Software is the same everywhere. Something that you do in one country can be applied and used in another. There are lots of companies that sponsor developers work locally. One day you can be working in Argentina and the next you can go and work in Singapore. There is paperwork always to do but that just take time.
You can travel the world while doing Software
You can find customers everywhere in the world and ship the software easily, only thing you need is a Internet connection and that's it. If finding customers is not your thing. Well you can find a company where you can work remotely. Today you can be working in Spain and enjoy a sangria after finishing your work and next week you can book a ticket and go to Italy. The only thing that you need is a bank account where your customers or the company that you work for pay into.
You can create your own company doing some coding in your room
eBay was founded by a guy working from home and now is a multi-billion dollar company. What are you waiting for?. Lets start coding.
You can work in cool stuff that lots of people use
One of the coolest and satisfying things that I have experienced is sitting next to a person that is using one of the apps that you have developed.
Everyone will be a Software Developer in 30 years from now
Software is everywhere and future generations will learn how to do coding in school. Governments are making mandatories software courses, then even if you are going to become a Doctor, Lawyer or Salesman you will know how to code. You don't want someone 20 years younger than you stealing your job. I think you should start coding.
Many more
There is many more reasons why you should become a Software Developer and start coding if you are not convinced let me know and I will try to convince you. But if you are don't waste any more time and start learning now. You are so behind.
Also if you want me to help you become a Software Developer. Subscribe to my course. There are some prerequisites but it is not something that you could not learn before we start.