Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No one will remember him but I do

It is something kind of personal, I do normally don't go for this kind of statements but I think that today I can make an exception. 

15 years ago I was just a little kid probably you couldn't say that I was any different than a lot a my friends on the UK, Spain, Canada* where as everyone claims they live or have been living or have grown in there first world. Just a normal kid going the the mall to get his new convers probably a lot of people on the 90's wanted to get those at least I did. However that is not the point. What I want to really talk about is about my dad. A guy that wasn't really around a lot normally he was just working minding his own business I could go in detail of what he used to do since I did go one or two times with him or my uncle to do that they used to do. 

You will think that it was something ilegal but it wasn't really it was dangerous and probably it is still, even though I hope it is not anymore because a guy like that doesn't deserve the end that he had and if you don't want to know more about him I will tell you what I remember. 

He was a guy committed to his family that will give anything for them, he was in love with his wife I think that even if I was 14 I was able to see that I would do anything for them he would even give his life away I believe. Probably I am being naive but that what I saw from my undeveloped mind at that age. The most important thing is that for me even if he didn't do much with his life he was a hero. It didn't end well though, he died when two guys in a motocycle killed him because they wanted to get the merchandising (gold and jewellery) that he used to distributed all over the country.

There is not point to get into details my only point is that I feel that in our lovely country (Colombia probably it is not just the only country that this hapens there is not value for life), no one remembers whatever has happened in the past. It doesn't matter how many were killed, we are used to that, as used to that a week after any tragedy happens our memory will be erased. 

To give you a example, I don't think that anyone will remember the day that hundreds were blown up in the Tesoro's mall in Medellin, what day was that September 11th I don't think so. Probably you know that day for whatever reason but the fact is that when that happend we just cry for a week and after that it was forgotten. Well the funny fact its that I don't remember either what I do remember was the day that my dad was killed for no reason and in 3 days to be precise it will be 15 years from that day May 4th, I remember because that day I went to buy those converse that I wanted and instead when I got home my older brother just told me that my dad was killed. Not a happy memory but the past is the past and it is nothing that we can do about it. What I can do now it is to say here what I always wanted to say.  Dad  I remember you, thank you for all the good moments that you gave us . Thank you Ramiro Castaño we will never forget you, you will be for eternity (if that even exists) in our hearts.

*I refer to those countries so that I have lived on everyone one of them and the "world" claims there are first world

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